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Tendonitis Wrist Violin

Are you in the profession where you continually use the same motion of your wrist over and over If you are, then you could be subject to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Namaste. I’m Cindy Mastry and I want to show you how using a forearm selfmassage can help relieve tension in the forearm and bring some blood flow to your wrist. So, what you do is take your four fingers and just press them right in there, between those tendons and just massage the arms back and forth. It should feel really good especially if you have tight forearm.

Muscles. So you just start at the elbow and give a gentle massage all the way down to your wrist. Now this is going to increase the blood flow. Carpal tunnel, as seen by yogis, from the yogis standpoint is a holding injury. So it’s because we don’t breath properly, we don’t stand properly and we’re holding our breath. Maybe you’re in a job where you’re not too happy. Maybe you don’t like your boss too much. That causes you to hold and that causes the blood flow to stagnant. So by coming to self massage, you can help your muscles.

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