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Treatment Of Arthritis In Ulcerative Colitis

Hi my name is Gwyn Salisbury and I have been doing Block Therapy for about four years now. I got introduced to it by my friend after I was diagnosed with carpal tunnelsyndrome and the had said after he looked at my results that he didn’t know how I functioned every day and as I was on a list for surgery when I saw Kristen at Fluid Isometrics she worked with me and then I got my Block Buddy

and we worked with that and we found that it was more of a thoracic Outlet Syndrome. I was an iceberg all through here and you couldn’t even see this here that as you can see now we melted through it with the blocks and the carpal tunnel syndrome went away I got more feeling in my hands and it’s been great and I would recommend it to anybody. Thank you.

Natural Cure for Ulcerative Colitis with Ayurveda

Good Morning Preet ji Good Morning ji Sir as your treatment was going on with Vikram Chauhan for Ulcerative Colitis, i want to ask you when you started suffering from this problem. See in 2004, when I was in Hoshiarpur the frequency of frequent motions started increasing so much. It increased to about 5678 times a day. After that it was accompanied by blood. There was an allopathic where I went for checkup and they diagnosed it to be Colitis. After colitis was diagnosed they gave me certain allopathic medicine. After that I went to Jalandhar where they performed certain advanced tests and they also diagnosed it Colitis.

They changed my medicine and gave me more medicine and the medicines were much in quantity. I had treatment with these medicine for about 2 years but I did not feel any improvement. Then I got transferred to Amritsar. In Amritsar also I went for checkup and they gave me same medicines but still there was no improvement. In 200607, I shifted to Chandigarh and after shifting, one day in the morning I had a severe colitis attack. On the same day, the frequency of the motions increased about 30 times which was accompanied by increased amount of blood. My colleagues immediately took me to Ivy . I was admitted there and after admission I don’t know exactly what the treatment in allopathy was. I recovered in 45 days.

The frequency of stools got reduced from 25 30 to 57 times. After this it was alright for 23 months and it again continued. Frequency of stool with blood again increased to 1015 times and during my treatment in the , they gave me a Mesacol tablet. I had Mesacol tablet was 800 mg and I had it regularly but there was no improvement. The problem was still in continuation. After this, I tried so many allopathic s in Chandigarh Mohali but, nowhere I got any permanent solution. In 2012. After 2012 the problem of colitis, the disease came to dangerous form in my body. And started feeling severe pain in my joints.

Then the frequency of stools was limitless. It was with Water and blood, the frequency was 2025 per day. That was again Again Again returned to same condition. Returned to the same condition as it was in 200405. Tried so many s. Wasted so much money on this for various tests. Money was wasted in lakhs not in thousands.

Money got wasted in lakhs. And I was not getting any permanent solution for this. In 2012, I was suffering from a condition where my feet were like not working. I had so much pain in my joints, due to which I was not able to put my foot on the floor. My Hb, that came down to 7g. I mean to say that, there was pain in almost every joint. I was in depression. I was under so much depression. At that time I was working in a very good job and my condition was forcing me to leave my job. I understand.

My whole family, my wife, my parents all were so much disturbed in those days. One day, my wife encouraged me that Allopathic is not only the treatment available in the world. We must look some options. Then while I was at home, I started searching on internet. Regarding Colitis, what are other alternative treatment for colitis? There I got Vikram Chauhan’s reference. He had given details there regarding the treatment of ulcerative colitis. The medicine of colitis were even exported abroad. Then, immediately I discussed this with my wife.

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