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Treatment Of Arthritis Nhs

Hello and welcome to Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership Trust This DVD you are watching, forms part of the expert patient programme guide, also known as EPP The DVD is aimed at any person who has a long term health condition. The aim of the DVD is to give you all the information you need about our course, and how it can benefit you. No doubt you will have some questions about the course, and our aim is to answer as many of these as possible for you, during the DVD. We’ve interviewed some of our Tutors, who were once themselves participants on the course.

As we think that you will benefit from hearing first hand, what can be expected when coming to one of our courses. We have also interviewed the Expert Patient Programme Manager Jaspreet Singh and Assistant Director Julia Willams and you will hear from them both throughout the film. The course is free and is delivered by trained tutors who have personal experience of living with long term health condition. The EPP is a course for anybody with a long term health problem and it’s a self management course teaches you to live or to manage your condition far better.

It’s for people who live with long term health problems, health conditions rather When I get stressed, I know how to use breathing techniques to relax and when I am tired, I know how to boost my energy Also when I have stress, I look for positive thinking Those things have benefited me and to people around me Programme manager talks about the common fears and anxieties that new participants may experience People have fears because the main thing is that they not sure what the setting of the group is going to be like.

Expert Patient Programme NHS Living with Long Term Health Conditions

Is it going to be onetwoone, what are they going to cover in it, how big the group is going to be Because some people might not have gone out of their door for so long, or it is hard for them to get out of bed to get to the toilet. So even going from the bed to the toilet is a achievement basically So for coming to a group of ten other people, twelve other people or fifteen other people, it’s a big move for them We have split the DVD in to 3 sections.

The first section takes you through a virtual guided tour of the expert patient programme and explain what you can expect when coming to the course. The second section takes you through important information about Long Term Health Conditions and the impact it may have on your life style Finally the last section will tell you how you can be part of the course So lets start with a virtual guided tour The Expert Patient Programme self management course not only offers to help you develop the tools and techniques to take control of your health condition.

And manage your condition better on a day to day basis, It also puts you in an environment with other people who may not have the same condition as you. but will be experiencing some, if not all, of the same difficulties and emotions. Am suffering from long term health condition and I have got rheumatoid arthritis and anaemia. So because of that I am not able to do things which I want to do We know one in three of the population present with a long term health condition, this could anything from.

Diabetes to high blood pressure to a problem with the chest, a heart failure and a number of different conditions The course is delivered over 6 weekly sessions each lasting 2 and a half hours each and includes topics such as dealing with pain and extreme tiredness, stress, coping with feelings of depression, relaxation techniques, exercise and Healthy eating, communicating with family, friends and health care professionals and planning for the future. By taking part in one of our self management courses, you will learn new skills to manage your health condition.

Develop confidence in the daily management of your specific conditions Meet others who share similar experiences and learn about developing more effective relationships with healthcare professionals A friend of mine told me about Expert Patient Programme, then I thought I check it out, see what it was like When I first started on the course, I would not believe I had problem in myself, even though I had it for years. But then I met other people who have bigger problems and that sort of like helped me with my own problems.

And I found it very useful Many GPs who care for people with chronic longterm conditions say that the patient understands the condition better than they do This is not surprising. Many patients become experts as they learn to cope with their chronic conditions. This course helps you to learn to live with your long term condition. To manage your life better. It helps you to look at the problems surrounding having long term condition such as emotional problems and it also because your in a room of people with all sorts of different conditions, helps you understand your not alone.

And we found it a tremendous help, we thought were good communicators that we could talk to each other quite openly But we found having both of us in the course as tutors that our communications has improved enormously and we can talk about a lot of things a lot more openly then we previously did. And I think it made our lifes a lot more enjoyable, less emotional, stress emotional, because were able to identify the problem and discuss it and find a solution rather than trying to tip toe around each other.

Without saying what we really want to say and I think thats very important. I think we have more understanding of what its like, in each others situation. like as a carer and the person being cared for, so were able to find my favourite phrase were compromising in some instances thats suits both of us With the with proper support, people with a chronic condition can take the lead by self management. This helps to improve their health and quality of life, and reduces their lack of strength or ability.

The course also has a number of accredited bilingual tutors, who deliver the courses in community languages for example Bengali, in a culturally appropriate manner. I have been tutoring for last few years now, say about six seven years now. I have seen patients walking aided and after six weeks they walk out unaided. And there is always some body coming around with them and making sure their comfortable but then over six weeks you can see the changes in them. Am not saying that this is going to cure you completely but you know how to manage.

How to deal with it. This is the whole idea of this course. Statistically there are fewer GP and unscheduled hospital visits for people who have been on a Self management course through the Expert Patient Programme. If you feel that yourself, a family member or friend could benfit from one of our courses, please speak to your GP or pick up a leaflet. When you see one of these forms, I show this to you, when you seen one those forms. Its got the address on it for you to send in.

Pick it up, fill it in and come on to one of these courses. Its a great value, you find benefits to be had there Its just two and half hours for six weeks and it costs you nothing. But its all the benefits are there to be had and you wont know about the benefits unless you come on the course. Will you So please, if you see the leaflet, pick it up, fill it in as i said. It will cost you nothing. We hope this DVD has given you all of the information that is needed for you to make a decision as to whether the course is for you.

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