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Trigger Finger Breastfeeding

Dangerous Khiladi Julai

This bank gives a higher rate of interest than the other banks. Today is the last day for accepting deposits. So, the bank is crowded with customers. Rainy season, Mumbai. Father, I’m in the bank. Today is the last day of this scheme. Please fill up my form. Just for the sake of additional 2% interest, look how many greedy. .people have gathered here.

Are you here to give charity? No, brother. I’m here to deposit money. How much are you going to deposit? 5 lakhs. For your son’s studies? It’s neither for my son nor for his studies. It’s for my daughter’s marriage. What are the total figures? 15 billion. Why are you guys clapping? With your 5 lakhs, our total. .deposits have amounted to 15 billion.

Will I get a reward? No. Just a receipt. Just a receipt? Sir, the chairman is on the line. Please talk to him. Let me give him this good news. Sure. Hello Mr. Wardhraj. Sir, I’m Srinivas speaking. From Kalbadevi to Borivli, all branches of our bank have. .grossed 15 billion in just 40 days. Sir, this is a record. God bless you! Bittu, the collection is 15 billion.

We can make a mountain out of this money. That reminds me, there’s a twisted road on the moutains. .between Rishiconda and Delhi. It’s as curvy as a damsel’s waist. On that turning, I have a land of 10 acres. Whenever I used to sit there, I felt as if Delhi is under my feet. As a child, I would find pleasure sitting over there. If I get the CM’s post, then Mumbai too will be under my feet.

But for that, I need immense power. The power supply is back. And to attain power, I need 10 billion. I’ll get it. You want to keep only 10 billion? I didn’t expect this from you. We should take the entire risk and you will take all the benefit! Look at your brother! He’s a dog! Your brother will take the risk of stealing the money.

But who will save his life? This is Travel Murthy. He’s the best travel agent in India. He’ll make your visa and passport. And you will be out of the country within 24 hours. Your 5 billion will be transferred to your Swiss bank account in. .the next 48 hours. Rascal! Tell him not to act smart.

Lala, in a car you will find seats, steering wheel, tyres, etc. But the most important thing that you need is petrol. .without which, a car is nothing but a metal box. I’m the petrol that you will need. Lala. Agreed that there’s risk in a bank robbery. But risks are a part of life. We’re best at breaking lockers. We will take its price.

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