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Trigger Finger Co To Znaczy

We’re a group of people fascinated with TRAVELING and experiencing new cultures! We’ve already seen a lot but now we would like to get to know our own, native culture. And an oportunity occured to travel across Poland meet folk musicians and dancers while dancing and singing assimilate with whats ours. Polish. We want to feel it on our own skin To be there. Experience it. With people who don’t have anything to do with this Babilon around us. Just drive around Poland with this Mercedes. Discover parts of the country that are not described in tourist guides.

And which are authenic, still thriving origins of oldtime Polish culture. We’re curious about this trip, about our path. We want to document it all. Lots of articles will be written. And after the trip a documentary will be put together. We’re going to keep a logbook, and lots of photographs will be taken. We want to share it with all of you. We have a 33yearold camper MercedesBenz and we need funds for reperations. All details are in the description. Thanks for your help, because it will enable us to carry out our dreams.

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