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Trigger Finger Example

Hello, Let’s talk about yoga for trigger finger Trigger finger is very common nowadays We may know a lot of people suffering from this disease especially among those who have been working so hard.

Especially the works that need to use hands or fingers for example, carrying too heavy stuffs doing housework Squeezing the laundry Sweeping the floor Or some other activities such as playing golf.

Sewing clothes Even doing a lot of hand writing can also be one of risk factors It can happen to anybody, any age group But more common among elderly people Because they have been using their hands for longer period of time Trigger finger is caused by.

Too much friction of tendons in the area Then the inflamation takes place on the tendon’s cover or the tendon sheath That cover the flexor tendons This sheath.

Let’s say for this finger, around this area Inside, we can’t see (laugh) I also have never seen I only saw in a picture Ok, this sheath becomes thicker.

And it can be swollen until it can be felt when touched Well, when it comes to therapy We will talk about energy as well That’s physical aspect Our lives are not only consisted of this physical body.

There is also an energy body sharing the same space with this body This is the energy that keeps us alive enables our body to keep functioning breathing.

Digesting food Life is the manifestation of energy And this energy also got stuck Trigger finger does not only happen in the physical body It’s not only about the tendon sheath That gets thicken and swollen.

The Best Drum Machines For Finger Drumming

Hi there, this is andreas with xpresspads finger drumming and today I’d like to speak about basics of finger drumming So, when you want to become a finger drummer you need a piece of hardware. That’s your pad controller or groove production studio and you need a piece of software which would be a virtual drum kit or virtual drum module or something like that.

And today’s tutorial is really focused completely on the hardware. i won’t play anything. i do this in other tutorials. I will just talk about pad controllers the ones that I have; the groove production studios that I have and my experience with them and of course what I think is important about pad controllers when you want to use them for finger drumming, especially with the XpressPads finger drumming technique.

First of all. the biggest thing about pad controllers are the pads. The pads really need to be superb. Meaning for me, that they need to be very sensitive. Because in finger drumming you want to do something different from static loops that you can find everywhere. You.

Want to play drum grooves that sound realistic. for that purpose you need to have a virtual drum kit that sounds realistic and you need an input device like a pad controller or groove production studio which has a great pad section which is very responsive to your hits and which is.

Tweakable to your liking, so if you have stronger fingers, stronger hands, you maybe need less sensitivity. If you have hands not that strong, you might need a higher sensitivity on your pads. And most pad controllers offer this option to change the pad sensitivity, but some do not.

The second thing that is really important about pad controllers and groove production studios is the placement of the knobs and faders on the device. In general, if you play finger drumming, you have two basic hand postures. One is like that and the other one is like that. And when you think about knobs and sliders that.

Would be too high on the surface in that area, you’d constantly hit these control elements which would result in either you hurting yourself or you damaging the device which both is not really desirable. And the ones that you see here, these pad controllers and groove.

Production studios, they all have a good placement of knobs and sliders, so they never get in the way when you play them. That’s really important. Also, what I like about pad controllers, is if they give me visual feedback on the pads. Either about the velocity I.

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