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Trigger Finger Golf Swing

HI this is Robin Symes. A common fault I see a lot is that players try to overcontrol the club heads throughout the swing. Only at this fault, they’ll have a lot of tension in their hands, forearms, shoulders at address. The wrists won’t cock freely in the backswing, the swing will look very wooden and probably their upper body or their bigger muscles will dominate in the downswing. This player is trying to muscle the ball forward, rather than let the swinging movement of the club create the club head speed. If this is you,.

Try this drill. Start by teeing the ball up, and rather than gripping the club up with all four fingers, remove the baby finger from the end of the club, so you’re only holding the club with three fingers in your left hand. From there, put your right hand on as normal, and reduce the grip pressure as much as you can. Before you hit a few shots, take a few practice swings, letting the weight of the club swing, feeling the weight of the club throughout the backswing, downswing and follow through. The weight of the club is swinging around your body. Once.

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