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Trigger Finger Jari

I’m about the show you how to give a clit orgasm using fingering techniques and I’ll show you on this rubber doll I have here First of all the clit, if you look close enough As I take my finger away that’s the click hood If we pull the clit hood back there is a little clitoris under there and the clitoris when a woman’s aroused will swell up with blood and will look something like my little finger here a little red or purple and about the same size if you pull the clit hood back.

Hood he First tip today for clit orgasms don’t do what every other guy does, oh my god, what guys do they are so freaking horny they can’t wait to get in there stick their finger in there oohhhhh please stop it. SHE ISN’T ENJOYING IT, why doesn’t she enjoy this kind of fingering men and women are different sexually, a man takes us 10 seconds to want to have sex we just need to get a big hard on doesn’t take very long and bang we wanna come straight away what happens then after we cum.

Bang! we lose interest in her pussy right away, the light switch analogy. With women what happens women take a while to get horny and after they come they take a while not be aroused again Women are still very aroused after an orgasm unlike the man who just switches off. and doesn’t want anything to do with a woman after he has come well maybe that’s a bit harsh but you know what i’m saying Let’s go through what to do to switch the sexual power onto your side because a woman has a sexual Power often.

HOW TO FINGER A GIRL give her intense fingering orgasms and clit orgasms how to make a girl orgasm

And how you do that, is by making her want you to touch her more than you wanna touch her, so you know you wanna touch her already now what we have to do is make her wanna touch you and you do that by teasing her pussy. How do you tease her pussy so what would happen normally here A guy puts his hand down there as soon as possible, just imagine she’s naked ready than start smashing her clit and fingering in trying to get his hands all wet, this is amateur hour , it’s terrible.

Absolutely terrible. Now if you act like that then at the last minute stop, so you put your hand then lift it up and don’t touch her clit She’s like, what’s going on here Touch her on the inside of her thigh here Nice soft sensual touch because it’s an erogenous zone stroke her all the way up her thigh like you are going to touch her pussy lift your fingers over and gently run down her other thigh. bring your fingers right around the pussy but don’t put any pressure on it.

Like you will touch her, but then take your fingers away. touch the little gap between her leg and body here touch both sides and do this like you are going to finger her then rub your fingers around there around her pussy and up again then touch some other erogenous zones and kiss her all that good stuff by the time about 10 minutes of this goes past she will be so bloody Wet she will be waiting for you chances are she will just grab your hand and put it on her pussy if not, event.

Grab your cock instead This is perfect, the first fingering clit orgasm tip. instead of you being offence and she being defense by definition you’re on different teams you wanna be on the same team, the same page so get her as horny as you are by teasing her in that way Now the second how to finger a girl tip, is kind of similar once you’ve put her in this zone, don’t stop what you’re doing with her and just start doing this DON T DO THAT. what you want to do is get your fingers near her pussy.

Again no touching of any sensitive areas and just squeeze in and up so that the fleshy part comes up over your fingers there. But again don’t touch her clit. be very careful do that and then move away again she’s got that little bit of indirect stimulation enough to arouse her but still tease her another fingering technique for fingering girls is rub between her anus and pussy rub that and get to the bottom of her pussy like you’re going to go like this but then lift your fingers and just gently brush her pussy lips.

With the tips of your fingers don’t touch the clit yet. that’s the second clit orgasm tip really tease her now she’s going to be literally dripping wet by now Pussy juice will be everywhere you don’t need to spread her lips and rub moisture around her vagina. Third tip for clit orgasms from fingering a girl is not to put too much pressure on the clit. and if you’ve done is correctly she will be in quite an aroused state probably going to orgasm quite easily. I’ll give you two basic clit rubbing techniques here.

What you want to do is get your fingers on either side of the clit hood fingers on either side but right up next to her clitoris. rub in a circular motion So not so much direct touching on clit, but on her clit hood which in turn touches her clit. try this technique and this other one too see the my finger tip here. the soft part where the fingerprint is. rub that around her clit like this again not too heavy around make sure it’s nice and wet, just rub some moisture around.

Moisture from her pussy hole rub it around well. If you do one of those constantly for a few minutes, assuming that you’ve done everything else right. keep engaging all of her body keep kissing her neck and all that kind of stuff she should come pretty easy to it will be pretty intense and she will be pretty impressed by your fingering her pussy like this so if you want some more techniques my name is Ben Buckingham and I have a web site mindblowinglover lots of free tutorials, articles and other good stuff to learn about sexually.

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