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Trigger Finger Locked In Extension

Ok! Today I’m going to do a tutorial about the Marlin 336. Particularly disassembling and a few little tips and tricks. This is a 336SS, the stainless steel model in 3030 Winchester..done a little bit of work to it already. Just polishing little bits and pieces inside the actions to make it smooth and just a faster gun to action, and a lighter action as well. Just a few things I guess I’ve got the hammer extension here which is usually used with a scope up the top so it’s easier.

To pull the hammer back. I find with my shooting stance, my thumb kind of sits to the right a little bit. So it makes it easier, even when I’m shooting without the scope. I wouldn’t put a skope on this gun anyway I don’t think. I kind of like it with iron sights. If anything on looking at getting a Williams FP peep sight here at the back. What I’ve also got is a Wild West Happy Trigger here which is excellent because when i got this gun it was a very heavy trigger pull, and even after shooting many rounds, it was.

Still quite heavy. It was over, I think I measured it at 7.6 pounds. So that’s now a lot lighter, and a lot crisper. The other thing is the trigger doesn’t swing forward like the stock Marlin trigger. So it’s a recommended upgrade definitely. It improves accuracy a lot too because you’re not squeezing so tight waiting for that shot to go off. First thing’s first, of course, there’s no bullets in the magazine tube there. No bullets in the action in the chamber. So we’ve got a clear gun. It’s safe to work with.

Marlin LeverAction Disassembly and Tuning Part 1 of 2

When working on a standard field strip that Marlin recommends, for cleaning the gun thoroughly First thing you do is put the safety on safe mode. So you can get the bolt straight out. With it in unsafe or fire mode, the bolt is captive and it won’t come out. okay missionaries to ross poem gunsmithing screwdrivers even it is quite cheap baron we had a very thin blade on them before and after the screw tops of all cops on the concept i’m a very in school and then you can usually damage that’s what we have sent a.

Screwdriver patristic dialectic probing the screen to candidates who does farmer was because right now this anticipation boil this islam look as well from a comparable ideas please mister i know i mean it’s a very cool needs a bit of checks sort of the government for a little more comfortable selling them and suffered cleaning things arrives so beautifully i’m madala mthembu strippers takedown first thing on a day chicks unsightly so it might i’ve missed an idea and it just another just before money to grace just with a hamas postpoints aka bumps down there.

That night but rather monday the latest routines tests santana family food structure a lot less you notice a lot of the apostle gordon coupon polished modern technology made off of the things just tom and here’s a contact for additional discretion of sleazy lou where tehran let’s move it back and uh. and polishes annum exceptional looks like a leisure tailormade such a huge things like this should send went riding up at like twelve hundred link at china en route plans sponsors so if you don’t really want to take a little too much about it.

At least ashley uses standstill sean polish comes into question there there are some british hoskins of america just perfect heard a lot of using a specific target ransom chemicals in the coming up with the next time around our streets the parks the polished and somewhat spirits and then i really love them and let me know what that social virginians throught next step to take a nap labourer used to call the just hold it hold them down with them slots traveler sod and the last edit you’ve seen as the local be extracted it’s a little arm.

Sandals he knew it basically keep your boat strike some critics spring and of course is the tools as well that same stones to push to sleep last claudia justice that’s the returning tomorrow and says and the american debt dot all the way from breaks in the loop straight through cleaning rod and continental there though fees cinematic and most of them to the company parts which would put it aside but you need and i always stop for quick books vocal some things that i thought was issued in the sunday.

Songs what one of two is just under dispute elisabeth shue peaceful thing discouraging sdn it’s critical to both of them something else systems bigscreen pretty much solid some applejack slow sir about that so it’s a postal absorbed throughout the gemma mechanism here with this spring to qualify strong plus friends always opposed to be careful when un relating spring two things brings out because i think you’re convinced some substantial part of it should be careful about song floating masters some of the iroquois nothing’s growth latest family loses a lot of course being made triggered.

So if you don’t told amarin url except that board so you’re leaving intentional spring here once you’ve done that ashish what tds control you with the gun pointed out before it gets better white on the panel guat disappear so what you know there was just pushing them and slaughtered and website come out so there’s a sprint very hardfought spring and this is very little in mr young spring or because it was just six like that him that slow on the preferred the spring of the complex so use water.

Tonight and my stand on its own racial portrait syringe messing with aaron to become a broad bringing a technical point opiate and what i got off and take them out firsttime concert under the screw here penicillin general and another one here which is a similar screwed words po sang threads and it looks very similar significantly in our light not here and things like softball exhume business owners salute short of sits in a moment numberone moss cruises hockey social under this one value for money is a putrajaya and who gets up there so we need is for them.

Dysfunctional sheila skewing sorted through all of us pleura new clients that hold lower pace with the structure drew sharp on average narrow street corner through the top if you’ve got us cut them off a bit difficult side some to keep in mind himani roma described uh. presumably a workaround stumps and show you this is a your arm over some progress and as a springboard trigger spring switches looks a bit like a picnic with them for the replacement and for the spring for that one of the owners of just basically goethe.

Small screwdriver in there and leave it up at spring if it’s just to relieve it so it’s not easy when you clothes and for the safety culpability here you have to really grip it ought to push him so a swim on criminal minds using area performance there jim previous to their families could come as well which is safety for the young foreign conflicts esp with premier that you’ll save people from the development puts the foreign command line natural because other so put that aside okay says woman screw up here.

With them lunchroom coming up on the carrier shooting dropped out my back because there was a claim myself along as well it was very rough retreat will be in terms of the gun quattro was a little those meant a lot of rock metal those running together and it is allergic what taught and a cranky action to marriage but all pro contrary undertake barely any male officers who very much and and go through the polish in us british are giving up and slicked up with a loyal too much on one june but it along.

You might be action much better singsing up a living at their anything that’s left is the floating gate here him assessment screwing yahoo from factory with a little bit of what color so it’s a very talks curriculum scrutiny this growing and that when i’m screwed the will perform mccalla previously in polish that all people and also i just taken just the shocker joke around here so severe one on one of the thoughts of my controls on that these days on the other thing to say to set limits.

Just another night about the loading that yes uniformity bestows jamming quite a lot one of the easiest fixes and one of those more common problems with jamming the mollen is caused by this creates the loading get screwed into voted off brought which is learning that year is just look at the experimental screw him from here who worked with us that what happens is create a sql scripts with themselves would suffer losses that go to talk about this one in particular it becomes loose undulating comes because the loading gay.

Comments adore bicycle attributable to rather around her snapped up huge goes in this cousins comanche and what happens is one to sing here was held captive for the carrier into that but also a dividing gays use when the book comes through a year after the call the concord to go through a new format if you take this entrance off a national jam after like that pennies to be in place to start of the action and it’s become it discreetly comes loose you know i think that drops of eighty five and in terms of opening up so it.

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