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Trigger Finger Meek Mill

Is it a wrap for mmg? what’s up guys it’s jane from bossip and we gots to talk about what’s going on right now with MMG between Wale and Meek Mill it’s like practically World War 4. I’m not going to say World War 3 because Meek already had that with Drake anyway Wale was on the breakfast club, he had a few things to say when asked about the whole beef between Meek Mill and Drake I honestly think you know, he brought like a pencil to a gunfight and trigger fingers turn to twitter fingers yet again for Meek Mill.

Who had this to say about wale’s interview fam don’t talk to me no more go find that roof you’ve trying to jump off, you not mmg no more and a whole lot of other stuff that he probably regretted because he did delete it later Wale who was actually in Atlanta to perform for the AUC homecoming took to the stage with the support of Rick Ross who put the rumors to rest saying never question the empire Wale tore it down so now Meek is looking kinda well Meek. the fans have noticed.

And are going completely in on nicki’s timeline as well begging her to break up with Meek Mill we’ve got to wonder what this has to mean for the future of MMG and the future of Meek and Nicki what’s going to happen next is Nicki gonna break up with Meek? Is Ross gonna break up with Meek or is Meek just gonna have to swallow his pride and apologize to his fellow MMG brethren these two have been at odds for some time it seems but can things continue this way we don’t think so but we want to know what you.

Russ Pull The Trigger

Pull the trigger Ain’t nobody gonna do it for you Pull the trigger Maybe you should pull the fucking trigger Pull the trigger Ain’t nobody gonna do it for you.

Pull the trigger Don’t hesitate, just shoot Yeah, why you believing the propaganda? Why everybody sound like they wanna be from Atlanta? Are you the voice or the echo? Are you the nail or the hammer?.

I be talking while chewing my beats, i don’t mind my manners Choruses that fit the opera, that’s why I need phantoms I got my doubt at gun point, that’s why I need ransoms And I be handsome, that’s why I got your girl before the money Honestly I thought I’d have 30m’s before my twenties But I’m cool with how its happening.

Girl in san fran who wants to cross routes with me Like a Yung Colin Kapernick Treat the money like a lateral, I’m passing it Cause my family’s number one, never put ’em number two Tryna buy a house in cash for all the times we had to move All the times my mom cried cause she ain’t know what else to do.

All the times she lost hope cause she ain’t know what else to lose All the times I shoot shots cause I don’t what else to shoot man Pull the trigger Ain’t nobody gonna do it for you Pull the trigger Don’t hesitate, just shoot.

I’mma stay winning, i don’t believe in luck I believe that life’s a buffet, better eat it up I’ve seen enough to know that I’m really ’bout to blow Never felt like an employee, always felt like CEO Even when I stacked shoes, I was never clocked in Yeah, I always walked out, but I never walked in.

That’s a tribute to my headspace And lately my Devils have been Spanish chicks in red lace Doing Brujeria on me for ten days More like ten months, but I got out of it If I fall in love again, its probably with a Saudi chick But I keep my head up high and my middle fingers higher.

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