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Welcome 2wd toys wow guys is great to see you again New Jurassic World Velociraptor 4Pack 2015 Echo, Charlie, Delta and Blue By WD Toys I’m so glad you came back could have also showed today today we have another jurassic world Sat this is the four velociraptor set from target only target cells of for these together and has a blue LED light which reveals the skin pattern on the Velociraptor you see this here la jolla check these out missus velociraptor Charlie this is Blas a rafter ACA I’ll.

Missus velociraptor blue which has the skin pattern and this is Paul lhasa Raptr Delta while for them in one package as of some let’s take a look at the back haha look appears says clever as ever jurassic world lost a raptor blue Charlie Delta echo our master for a hunter’s the question is can the fences hold them and if not how fast can you run I that’s funny of asking Iran guys you think you could get away from them wow here’s the for them on the back.

Package okay let’s go ahead and open this up bucket before we start let Barbie how much this costs home 3 file 30 file LA okay now we gotta pay for at total corny here LA you well cash or card them okay we’re gonna go pay with credit card and then we could play with it after it paid for you always have to pay for first okay are paid for while now we could play with it okay guys let’s take a closer look at some of these a look really cool.

4 Jurassic World Velociraptors Vs TRex Echo, Charlie, Delta and Blue Unboxing, Review By WD Toys

Of for them could actually stand up by themselves while user of some omit Moffat is not move but his skin feels really cool I mean it is plastic but it feels almost like robber his arms all move fully up and down they could go on a fullcircle see that they are nice along so you could play it like if you’re playing with other dinosaurs in there fighting or something you could make it fight really good and then this leg will move like quite a bit quite an angle but the other one does not.

I think they do it like that so I’ll you only move want to pose it see this one works best if it’s standing up like dat you see how outstanding okay let’s check out some of the other ones and that this one law I like this one this all has really cool colours again its mop doesn’t open its ma its arms do move all the way around in a circle so that’s good debt helps with plain and then let’s see its legs I looks like this on his legs do not move.

I mean they look like they should but it does it this guide tale this guy really cool pattern redskin Wow and then this line it does stand up please see it may be hefty chain move the arms to change the balance see that but that one stands batter like almost lengthwise like he’s running the other one stands better when it’s standing up and of course the ah had that JW jurassic world emblem on them which is really cool almost looks like attacked you okay then we get this one again.

It’s mark doesn’t close I mean these would be a lot more fun if its mouth opened and closed I mean the arms do go all the way around so that is fine this one lemme see one of his legs will move this one also works better standing up see they got nice big claws and its skin does feel almost rubberized even though it is plastic got a really cool pattern on the back here on a looks like it still should move I mean it separated here but.

It just moved a very tiny bit make it said this some works better to standing up she is almost like Dez to wear made to stand up so they could fight each other and then we have the blue one so I mean he’s not actually blue by his his name is blue so let’s take a closer look at them this onto the mafia’s all the way open to me it doesn’t close head doesn’t turn the arms do turn all the way around so that’s nice let’s see if any the legs move.

Now known as the legs move has a nice big tail and this is the one that has the ah pattern you could only see with the LED light let’s take a look at it you see how the skin pattern pops up with LED light I mean okay it’s not that big a feature I mean it’s this much more fun playing with them using your imagination because just that it’s loom it almost seems like these are made more proposing then per play and he makes a really cool set when you pose all them.

Up in you play with other dinosaurs by its to me it it almost seems more but collectors item rather the toy and EPC to add them are made more to stand almost like they’re fighting each other meant to for them are made like almost like cool lengthwise so looks like they’re running so they are cool I mean it is a really cool set it’s a little bit on the expensive side but if you have the money to spend they are a lot of fun are looks like they’re fighting over.

The mother T rex is ANX but the what they don’t know she’s right here pol nochi so angry I hey oh they’re gonna try to put her okay K past another thing I scare is running okay not the other one get attacked lucky jumps on his back trying to get employed the trex is so angry clips in of any placed in the care how for this one runs away K now the other ones gonna try to get them I look at this high position she much smaller take.

E now ah here p by 10 runs away kiddo and the last one here takes him ideally placed on its head when he flips uh in any fight some in the plot now is gonna take until his next defeated his babys I wow he saved the airbags wow guys what do you think it does dinosaurs there’s some call I have full reviews at this tear action lot of other jurassic world dinosaurs in they are really call this site has strong jaws you could almost hold this one in it could hold it.

In its mile check that out while these dinosaurs a hot some guys what do you think you guys like that one hice PQ why scary sewers British some call you’re so much fun she didn’t like the velociraptors hopefully to show dangerous well okay if act like this tutorial make sure you subscribe to my channel gambino down below the tutorial there make sure you click clack leave me comments which wouldn’t trust a raptor with you favor Wow mitzi their different names are chai echo blue and Delta tell me which one you like the most if you like this tutorial and stills.

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