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What Is Arthritis And Treatment

Hello, my name is Dr. Troy Giles. I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic and today we’re going to talk about arthritis, which is just a huge issue. Most of us end up getting some kind of arthritis as we get older. Most everybody thinks well I got arthritis. It’s a disease. It’s something that I caught. I’ve got arthritis. It’s now this big thing. When there’s various types of arthritis and the number one that I see, the number one type of arthritis that I see is degenerative arthritis. And you know what let’s go ahead and come over here. Tyler let’s.

Just see what we’ve got here. This would represent, or this is a patient with scoliosis and you can see how there’s a curvature here. What happens when there’s malposition, malpositioning of the vertebrae, either misaligned vertebrae or scoliotic curvature, is you’re going to have degenerative change. It’s going to degenerate automatically. There’s nothing else you can do about it. But the degeneration takes place in the areas of concavity right. This is a convex over here. This is concave here. So there’s more pressure where it compresses in here versus over here. These areas will degenerate and that’s degenerative arthritis.

According to Wolf’s law, that’s a law we learned in medical school. Dr. Wolf determined that the body will put calcium down in areas where there’s pressure, like a bunion. You’ll start to get a bunion or deposition of calcium into a joint. A bunion happens to be on the big toe, because of malpositioning of the foot, usually in pronation, that means the ankle’s dropping over. That causes a lot of pressure on that big joint of the big toe and deposition of calcium will start to take place there. Now you’ve got a bunion. Same thing is happening.

How to Treat Arthritis Naturally

Over here, where there’s compression, you’re going to start to have a deposition of calcium and there will start to be bone spurs, stalactite, if you will, of bone that will start to come off those areas. That’s why it’s so vitally important to make sure that your spine works, that it is moving, that there’s no areas that are stuck. That’s what we do with the Pro Adjuster and regular adjusting as chiropractors, is we see where those areas are stuck. Then we’re able to adjust them using the Pro Adjuster or regular adjusting and they will start to.

Move. When they get stuck, when it doesn’t move the way that it should, degeneration will take place. So that’s one type of arthritis, is that degenerative arthritis. Another type of arthritis, let’s go back over here again. Let’s just move here. Another type of arthritis is the type when you have leaky gut syndrome. You’re saying leaky gut syndrome, why would that create inflammation in my joints Well we notice here, this is a pretty good, you know what, before we go here, let’s come up here. Tyler, I’m going to hold this little.

Picture up here. What this is is intestinal health. These were made by a company called Metagenix, great company. What this shows here is the integrity of the colon and how good it is as far as, these are nice and tight. These fissures are nice and tight. The good bacteria, there’s plenty of the good bacteria all around. The villi, these little fingers that absorb the nutrients, they’re good and strong, a good count of them. Where here, this is leaky gut syndrome. We’ve discussed this in previous issues, but leaky gut syndrome.

Is where these large toxins or large fissures allow these toxins to pass through the colon and subsequently into the system. Also, you get various layers of infection like fungus, bacteria, parasites, and those can also translocate or go through these holes and now subsequently into the system. Now I’m going to come over here, well actually I’ll just pull this one off the wall. This would represent then two pictures. This is healthy function. This is abnormal function. If you look right here, a lot of toxins are coming through the colon.

And what’s happening is it’s, normally what’s happening is you’re getting fat soluble toxins turning into an intermediate, intermediate to water, and then out the kidney as water soluble. That’s how you should function. Over here there’s a lot of toxins passing through the liver. The liver gets overwhelmed. It can’t handle it anymore and the fatsoluble toxins don’t conjugate. They don’t come out the kidney. They end up instead going to the fat and to the brain. Now, this is what the picture looks like. I’m going to show you.

Now this picture. This picture right here, this would represent the villi, those little fingers that were coming up into the colon. Right here is nutrients. This would be your feces and your nutrients would be up in here. So you’re starting to break down and digest the protein chains so that they’re now one and two particles. Well, if you get a leak right here, these toxins are going to pass through the leak and now antibodies attract those antigens or those abnormal proteins that should not be in the blood supply. They.

Should only be in a form of one or two carbon chains. When they come through four and five carbon chains and larger, antibodies recognize them as abnormal and will bind on to them to start to take care of them. When this happens, it creates inflammation. So now this blood supply has these, what are called antigen antibody complexes. These can then filter out in the joints, in the tissues, in any organ. This would be a degenerative arthritic condition that would not be, let’s say rheumatoid. You’re not going to have the rheumatoid factor.

With this. You’re just going to have joints that have joint junk in them, in the form of pannus. It’s called pannus or it would be like throwing sand paper into the center of that joint. That’s coming in from leaky gut syndrome. So is arthritis a disease in my opinion No it is not. That sounds funny and I’ll probably get chastised for that and mocked, but it’s coming from a deeper cause and generally speaking it would be coming from leaky guy syndrome. So heal the gut. Get it to where it’s nice and tight like this.

Once it’s tight, it won’t keep leaking toxins through. It’s not going to leak those toxins through and into the liver. The liver gets overwhelmed, it can’t get rid of the toxins. It send it then on to the blood. The blood then has it go into the joints or into the tissues and overall inflammation takes place. So that’s vital, extremely, extremely vital. So if you have any questions, you can call the office and I’ll answer anybody’s question. What we do as well here at the office is, I do phone consultations, where you can call.

Up and I’ll do a phone consultation and explain and talk to you about your own individual case and then suggest whatever supplementation we might need to heal whatever issue we’re talking about. It just happens to be today is an overall arthritic issue. Getting rid of those layers of infection, that also could be in any joint. Many times we’ll find the translocation of those different infections can create the inflammation there as well. So I hope that’s been beneficial for you. I know so many of you suffer with arthritis.

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