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What Is Arthritis Back

My name is Dr. Stefan Prada. I’m one of the orthopedic spine surgeons at Laser Spine Institute. I would like to discuss arthritis of the spine. Here I have a couple of models to assist with showing you what arthritis of the spine entails. This would be a normal disc in a spinetwo bones with a nice, thick disc space in between. Arthritis would be the wearing of this disc, as you see in this model. The disc is narrowed, and spursor sharp projectionshave come out from the side of the bone, showing that this is our.

Arthritic or wornout disc. Now, if you are a patient that suffers from pain due to arthritis of the spine and you fail to improve with conservative treatment such as antiinflammatory medicines, chiropractor, physical therapy, traction, steroid injects, then surgery is probably indicated in your case. There’s various problems that arthritis of the spine can cause. It can cause narrowing, or pinching of the nerves. It can cause inflammation or pain in the disc. We have a variety of different minimally invasive techniques to help the patients with that. Minimally invasive.

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