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What Is Arthritis In Your Back

Knuckles cracking Voiceover If you’re like most folks, someone in your life has probably told you at one point, cracking your knuckles will mess up your hands. forever. How can something that feels so right be wrong Is cracking your knuckles actually bad for your health When you crack your knuckles, you’re not actually cracking anything. Between your joints, there’s an egg whitelike substance called synovial fluid. Gross, I know. One of the things it does is help reduce friction when your joints move by acting as a lubricant. Scientists used to think that the.

Cracking sound was the result of bubbles popping in the synovial fluid. But this year, doctors were able to record this tutorial of a knuckle cracking for the first time. They found that the crack you hear is actually the sound of a cavity forming. Nothing is being broken or damaged except maybe your loved one’s tolerance for you. A study published in 2011 tracked 215 adults ages 5980 for five years and found no link between cracking your knuckles and the onset of arthritis. And this guy over here, Dr. Donald Unger,.

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