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What Is Polyarticular Arthritis

All right if you just tuned in we’re talking about the Young Power Shake. Every time I get with Doctor Young it seems like there’s more wonderful wonderful testimony. So I hope your gonna really pay attention to telephone number that comes up on your screen. I am welcoming to this program John Hotchkiss. He’s going to tell you the story of his daughter I believe she’s about 10 years old now her name is Joy. Joy, she is actually just a couple days from turning nine. We’re gonna show a a picture of your family,.

Three girls. Joy’s the middle one in that picture. She’s right in the middle between us. I think we said earlier a lot of estrogen in your family. Casa de Estrogena that is certainly the name of our house. Three girls no boys even the dogs were neutered. Those girls love their daddy. That’s a strong bond father daughter That is right, their going to take care of me forever. John has a fairly new daughter and I bet he’s found that to be true. I bet she’s a daddy’s girl. I just want you to tell the viewers.

The story Joy because Ive never heard anything like it. It should be so encouraging to anybody out there who’s dealing with the same set of circumstances. Yeah well I’ll start with her name then. My first daughters is Hope and she was born right after 911. We knew that, she was born a month after, and we knew that’s what the world needed. Then we became pregnant with Joy. When she was born my wife had decided that that she wanted to treat children as a as a physician. Because children brought her so much joy. and so.

How a Child With Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis Got off Medications

That was where Joy’s name came from and she has always lived up to that name she has a wonderful smile and infective laugh. She’s just a a great kid. When she was two years and four months old, just a couple of days before we were due to move into our new home, where we live now, she woke up one morning and she said daddy I can’t walk. She was just old enough to to get words out into partial sentences, and that type of thing. So I said what’s wrong I just thought maybe.

Her leg was asleep you know. She started grabbing her leg. I thought well maybe it’s not asleep, I don’t know, but I will just hold her for a while. She’ll just make breakfast with me I kind of had her on my hip. Sure enough for the next couple of hours she’d complain more and more that it really hurt. I couldn’t put her down you know if I did it we just really really hurt. So that began that night she was in the emergency room. We ended up in the hospital for.

Four days. They believed she had septic joints. Doctors really worked very hard to try to figure out what it was that was that was going on. As a parent it’s extremely frustrating to be in that situation you know when you know that you can’t do anything to to help your baby. One of us was obviously always there with her the the entire time. It took a course of 10 months A whole lot of doctors visits. Just to get the diagnosis. To get the diagnosis. They believed it was septic joints. They really.

Thought there was something going on within the joint. That there was some type of infection in there. So they did some trauma related stuff you know to get in there and figure out the problem. Injected her joints with gold at one point. All of these different types of things. About 20 miles from our house there is a pediatric rheumatologist we went to visit him. He’s the one who initially diagnosed her. We didn’t really care for his bedside manner a whole lot so we ended up traveling. In Florida there are only three 3.

Pediatric rheumatologist. At the time there are only two. The next closest one was two hours from home. So now we found ourselves every couple weeks traveling a couple hours from home to get care for her. It was a course of methotrexate combined with some steroids and some other stuff. Powerful drugs. Very powerful drugs. We’re constantly monitoring her her liver and having to have my exams for her. Stuff that goes not only with autoimmune disorders but also with side effects of the drugs. Sounds like a total nightmare.

So you have a a twoandahalfyearold, did they diagnosis it rheumatoid arthritis The original diagnosis was pediatric poly articular arthritis. Some call it idiopathic arthritis because they don’t know where it comes from. There are all these names floating out around out there. Now Doctor isn’t pretty young for a child that young to have our arthritis it’s not really common. It’s rare it’s not real common, but it does happen. That’s why it’s hard to diagnose because you don’t see it all the time. So she’s about two and a half and she’s almost nine now did you say.

She’s almost nine, yes. Okay at at what point on this journey, were we’re talking about almost seven years 6 or 7 years. How did you find out about Doctor Young Well! We stayed on the traditional route really for sixandahalf years. Wow! Until just not quite four months ago. Essentially she was on Enbrel for four and a half of those years. After the methotrexate and al that type stuff. She was on Enbrel. She’s have a couple of flairs during the year. We might have to increase the dose, do another oral steroid and orapred, you know some like that.

This would just knock out her immune system. She missed so many days of school every year I just can’t even begin to count. She burned out on Enbrel this March. Just didn’t work anymore. Efficacy was gone. So they tried to start her on a new a drug a TNF drug called Remicade. We were two and a half months into the process and it just didn’t seem to be working. Seem’d like she may be just burned out on the entire class drugs. That’s awfully young. Pretty young What’s going on in my mind is, how many.

More choices are out there You know if we’re going to treating her lifelong we want her to live past a hundred. Do we have ninety eight years worth of drugs. That was the thought that hit my mind. That’s sad. Essentially she had a a major dose of steroids threw her into tachycardia for week. So her resting heart rate was between 140 150 for seven days. I was so frustrated during the third day of that I said I’m not going back. I don’t want to go back to this rheumatologist. I’m just I’m so upset.

I can’t do that. We need to find another way. My CFO at work was familiar with John Young. He set me up with an appointment and there we were we went and met. Okay, now how long ago did she take the first shake Fourteen weeks and one day. And how many hours and minutes. Yeah. Okay she was supposed to be here today and she decided I don’t wanna be on television. She didn’t want to be on TV today. I think any eightyearold girl that doesn’t want to be on television she’s not going to be on television.

I appreciate you coming in her place. So we got 14 weeks, how is she today You know Joy is really by the grace of God she’s doing very well day by day. What about her meds She’s not on any meds. The other thing Ileft out was that because of all the inflammation in her body stuff going on in her gut, really she was constipated for sixandahalf years. She was on a laxative every day. We had to put it in milk in the morning and give it to her.

If we missed a day we knew about it. I mean you know it was pretty torturous for her. One day in the middle of the shakes, I was putting them in the shakes. I just thought this probably some she’s going to need. I’ve learned so much in the past few months. So I was put this stuff in the shakes I did tell this guy about it. Put a little laxative in there. She was so used to it, it was flavorless you know, no problem. What’s the big deal.

Right Well one day I forgot because I was you know I was making sure that I got the few things in this shake in the right amounts. Just getting used to that and the next day I forgot, and the day after that I forgot and on the fourth day I went to Joy and I said joy is your belly okay She said yeah why and I asked her about her routine did everything go OK She said yes been fine. She said why are you asking me and I said well haven’t given your.

Laxative for four days. She goes really cause everything is fine. She was totally surprised we’re all shocked. I called Karen, I text her on the phone and I said hey by the way I haven’t given her the laxative four days and she’s up I’m and everybody was pretty majors kinda just just one other side whatever pain what about her walking this year on an act like any other child the oh yeah she does right now we’re doing what we’ve realized is because the arthritis there’s always been this underlying amount of pain that she’s had.

I she has learned to actually move her hips inward a little bit because arthritis the for her is kinda had effective gravity it goes to the lowest join her ankles have been the the most overwhelming and so she’s actually turned her legs somewhat inward and so now she’s missin’ some muscle mass on the hips and they were going to physical therapy with her to build that back up but right now it’s not a pain issue it’s a stamina issues so we’re working through that you know and making sure that she gets.

She gets one problem yourself powerful drugs you know a you know it might take a little bit if you just joined us and you’ve been hearing this story about a young girl who at the age of two and a half was found to have a very very serious arthritis was on time zone for medication for arthritis until just 14 weeks ago and that’s when she began to take the young power shake have you ever hit a case like this before I i kno I know that your caseload is very impressive.

As to the statistics for different diseases much ever ever had a child the show with arthritis in arm she’s the youngest I have some that are teenagers I’ll and what’s also interesting is that when I for SAR you with all the medications shoes talks saying about pains were pilot and seven outta 10 and it was interesting fairly quickly went to one outta 10 0 outta 10 so you know what’s sad is you get these kids and adult just get used to the pain I think it’s just normal.

So it was encouraging to see that the other thing that we do with her what we do love our patient is I think you’ll ever have an allergy to weigh and so ways we used to earn a base protein so you can make some adjustments if there’s an analogy condition there a later on we had her do some delayed allergy testing which any doctor can do in that’s helped up but we use is our foundation you know knock out the information and then let’s work on the other is then there’s a bet on anything arising out.

There be four young budget start with a base what about your a adult patients with arthritis everything I know the the type 2 got be this is really astounding right with the yard also if it’s really bad I will have the do the shake twice a day with the oil because I need the antiinflammatory but you can only get in there if you hide it in the in the protein and the busy with about 10 to 14 days they are noticeably better and that’s why start we go from there I’m.

Curious I got John here John here I am a curious so your wife is a pediatrician and a I’m sure she would be very very careful to watch and observe and all a what were her thoughts on this when who enjoy first began to take it but yes she’s a pee after your nose third surgeon and she’s a excellent what she does for sure and very scientific in our approach in I’m which I’ve only got always loved and commended she’s the type A and Type B you know we wouldn’t have it any other way but she.

Up I think both of us walked in the skeptics yet skeptics that really wanted we we knew that there had to be another way because we knew that what we were doing was not sustainable that’s what we knew also went with Caroline Chancellor absolutely so we both walked in a skeptic’s and what was encouraging to me was you know it then the the first up we got in there in such a rush we just wanted to be there were like okay give us the new information what we learn here.

And I i had research this guy some on the internet you know can I check them out so week we looked at its other things but but what he was talking about karen even said while we were in the in that in that first meeting this is firstyear medical school stuff and that’s when he clued in to go to your doctor I so and it was she looked at it because this is biochemical response this is physiology this is this guy $130k it well she did I join our ship there.

I to type B is what we do in over 80 the sat in the corner but she up I’ll she really got into it and I’m telling you what she picked she she pulled out some some old stuff she started getting on you know on the Internet googling what’s all this stuff about and sure enough it certainly followed you know a logical process this is for chronic disease like this before I doctor checking fine ride in I you know the science is there into people would yes.

Take the time or you know like I play tennis I have a bed in 10 as I go back to the basics racket back washable same thing I think in medicine if you’ve got some is really bad conditions you go back to the biochemistry care and physiology textbook start there well it just seems to me a total a person that with all these problems we have that drugs are not the answer there might be some shortterm reason for an antibiotic or something maybe that make sense but to mention earlier year your mantra is.

Treat the cell heal the body it just is so basic and you told me one time what this does to the cell we have about one minute does it this Inc in case it does it well it turns the cell under what you had your first born which is a positive charge the outside a negative charge on the inside I got battery and when you have that the body makes times the vitamin D we got a vitamin D level enjoying better by the media vitamin D is a hormone really.

And it also helps with information in the immune system you know when you’re on drugs that long you want to build up their immune system all works together well a John that’s one the most exciting stories I’ve ever heard and i’ve interviewed people for thirty years I am so glad you brought it to us and you tell joy that she’s welcome here anytime you I would like to meet her I know she would do so well in we’d like to hear her tell her own story but for you my friend you have heard this you have seen.

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