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Wrist Brace For Kayaking

The Pry Stroke is a way to move your bow toward your paddle side but, the pry stroke slows the boat down a lot so we’re going to use the pry traditionally and try to use a really efficient pry so we’re not slowing down the boat any more than necessary. In order to do a Pry stroke the first principle is you want to turn your torso toward your work, so you want to face your stroke and when we do that you see the top hand comes out over.

The gunnel. So it puts the paddle shaft perfectly parallel to the keel of the boat and it also puts the blade right against the back of the boat and that’s the best place to start from. So now, with the blade against the boat I am going to Pry off the gunnel a nice short pry these strokes are short and quick demonstrates so that nice short pry stroke with a lot them gets me around in a circle pretty quickly it’s generally used as a correction stroke with a forward stroke. So, if your taking a regular forward stroke every forward stroke.

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