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The headmaster collar is a collar choice for the best in head control. This innovative collar provides excellent allaround support and keeps you looking great! Light and airy, the headmaster collar is covered in a soft washable fabric in a variety of colors. The headmaster collar provides proper head support for conditions that require good head support like amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease, multiple sclerosis, motor neuron diseases, Parkinson’s, arthritic conditions like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, whiplash as well as similar conditions requiring head and neck support.

Which does not completely restrain movement. Aavailable for adults and children from 6 months old who need a high degree of support and head control. The collar is covered in a soft washable fabric and is easily shaped and formed by hand for a customized fitting which is snug under the chin. The open design is both cool and discreet for the wearer, while maintaining excellent support and control. Secures using a soft cloth strap which attaches in the rear of the collar utilizing a velcro strap. Tthe headmaster cholera employs a spring.

Steel core which allows for shaping and reshaping and also allows a certain amount of bounce or spring to the formed shape without deforming. So, once the collar shaped appropriately, there will be that little bit of spring back action which is part of what makes it more comfortable to wear while eating or speaking. To choose the correct size headmaster collar, use a ruler or tape measure and take the measurement from the angle of the jaw, which is just under the ear, where the jaw starts to curve and forms a point,.

Headmaster Collar

To the center point the chin in the front under the jaw line. Do not measure outside the jaw as this will give you the wrong size. Choose the smaller caller if you fall in between two sizes. the pediatric or infant size headmaster collar is softer, and may be sized to fit children as young as six months of age. The headmaster collar can be shaped by hand to provide a custom fit. Bend the headmaster collar to the required height, and even adjust the width simply by adjusting it with your hands.

By placing the collar on the patient you can continually adjust it for proper fit, balancing both support and comfort. The collar will remain shaped the way you bend it for correct fitting, allowing fine adjustments. You can use the edge of the table to make a bend in the headmaster collar to make the chestpiece more comfortable over the clavicles or collar bones if necessary. Additionally, an extra chain pad can be added to the bottom of the chest portion of the headmaster collar for extra padding and comfort if needed.

Accessories for the headmaster collar are available to modify the function, increasing the level of support and comfort. The neck pad is a single pad accessory for the headmaster collar which provides a mild amount of resistance to extension or backward head bending. This can be helpfulif there is a mild lack of control of the head with extension of the neck. Additionally it also provides an extra amount of comfort and security to the feel of the collar. If the condition is strictly with drop head and no problem with extension control, the next pad is not necessary, however,.

It can provide some extra comfort if in a reclining position against a relatively rigid surface like some wheelchair headrests. It can also help when traveling or when in unstable motion conditions. It is large, padded and moldable to a degree to increase conformation to body shape. The extension pads are headmaster collar accessories that provide more stability in either extension, backward motion, or lateral flexion, side to side bending motion. They can be positioned in the center, close together, which provides greater resistance to extension than the neck pad and provides a moderate extension resistance.

By positioning the extension pads laterally, or more to the sides, is an increase resistance to lateral flexion or side bending. This is important when there is instability with side to side control the head. Both pads attached by means of a small velcro strap attached directly to the pads, so it just pushes onto the inside at the strapping for easy installation and adjustments. The headmaster cervical collar will easily support the weight that the head without deforming, however, if the wearer has muscle spasms or contractions the that pull their chin.

Strongly to the chest, this can deform the collar. In this case we recommend the use of the anterior support, which essentially makes the collar more rigid. It attaches to the underside of the chin piece to the upper side of the chest piece, and comes with an extra chin pad for increased padding on the chin, or use an as an extra, or on the chest piece. The headmaster collar is often recommended by doctors and therapists alike. It has been featured in scientific journals and has years of proven.

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