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Music LaToya Good morning Huntys and Huncles. Sami’s getting all ready for daycare today! Don’t mind my beauty. Anyway. Girl, are you excited for daycare I’m putting her little butt in daycare because I have things to do. She needs to interact with the kids. Right, Bug Right Yes, you’re gonna have so much fun with all your friends at daycare. laughs She’s so excited! The last time Aunty Jillian took her she was having so much fun with the kids, so I thought I’d enroll her in daycare once a week, once or twice a week. We’ll see how she does today, and if you’re a good.

Girl, you’ll go back and play with your friends. Right Right Her little outfit of the day, everything from Carters. Carters! Are you gonna sit there like a good girl while Mommy prepares your bottles and your food for daycare Yes! Don’t eat your shoe, it’s dirty. it’s dirty, it’s been on the ground. Now you’re going to daycare. Look at her cute little jacket that Aunty Taylor got for you. Oh my gosh. Daddy Adam Yeah, she’s all ready. LaToya Shut up with your damn two phones Adam Just be easy.

LaToya Shut up. Hurry up, pick up her diaper bag and her purse. Let’s go. Adam You know what You’re staying home today. LaToya Yeah, then I’m out. How about that Okay, let’s go. Daycare! Daycare! Whoo! How do you feel about this daycare Adam It’s too early for all this. LaToya It’s too early for all this Adam No, like it’s too early in the morning. LaToya To be what, talking about this Adam Yep. LaToya It is early. It’s pretty early. music LaToya We’re here. Daycare! Y’all know Stacey. Hey!.


Stacey Hi! LaToya They run a daycare. I’m so excited to drop off Sami. Sami’s been so excited all morning. Stacey Hi Sami! LaToya I’m kind of nervous. Stacey I mean, all moms are nervous. LaToya Oh my gosh. OK. Stacey And dads, not so much. LaToya Not so much. Right They’re just nonchalant. Stacey Hi! She’s smiling at me! laughs LaToya Oh my gosh. Look at the little shoes. Woman Hi Sami! Is this your new place LaToya Yes! Woman Are you gonna see all the kids LaToya All the kids, Mommy, take off your hat.

Stacey She’s not too attached to Mommy and Daddy. laughs Go play with the kids LaToya I’m dropping her off. Woman Hi! LaToya I’m nervous. Woman Oh you are LaToya Will you tell me not to be nervous anymore Woman Don’t be nervous. LaToya OK then. Woman See look, she’s already OK. LaToya OK, she had her bottle at 7, so she should be ready for a bottle around. Stacey 10. LaToya 1030. Stacey Does she take a nap or anything LaToya No, she’s kinda tired, she was sleeping in the car. Hi Chase! Hi Chase! Jump! Jump!.

Indistinct will make you jump! Jump! LaToya indistinct Jump! Jump! 00351.094,11930247.295 Adam Stop. Stacey He looks like him too. LaToya He does, with his little fade around the head with the braids. All right. OK. I’m leaving, I’m leaving, I’m leaving. Stacey Yes, yes. LaToya I’m leaving, I’m leaving. Stacey Go, go, go, go. LaToya Bye! OK, if she cries call me. Stacey Yeah, right. LaToya Email me, you know. Stacey She has a friend. She has a little. LaToya She has a friend already Stacey.A little buddy, a boyfriend.

LaToya Boyfriend! Let me see what he looks like real quick. Let me see if I approve. Oh my gosh he’s so cute!! squeals He looks like Jayden Smith. I’m leaving, I’m gone, I’m gone. Adam Bye bye. LaToya So, are you guys gonna put her name on one of the shelves Stacey Yes. We’re going to use the first one. LaToya Oh yeah First one! Hey! Twerk, twerk. OK, OK, bye. LaToya Guess who’s here singing Rochelle I’m so excited. LaToya I like your makeup today. Rochelle Thank you. LaToya Your look today. Your wig today.

Rochelle Remember I’m being a woman Last month I was Black History, next month I’m gonna be a woman. And I’m also redecorating. LaToya Good job girl! Thank God because that wallpaper. is it gone Rochelle It’s gone! And we got that crown molding. LaToya Jordan! I missed my bug. Can I have a hug Jordan No! LaToya sobs Jordan you’re mean to Aunty! Rochelle Jordan, she’s crying! Jordan No! LaToya Jordan come here! I’m gonna get you! Roar! I’m gonna get you! monster roar Give me a hug. Jordan No!.

LaToya Why don’t you want to give me a hug Why Rochelle laughing LaToya Come. Jordan No! LaToya OK, I don’t want you anyway. Rochelle Your belly looked cute. LaToya What Rochelle Your belly. In your little bikinis. I’m proud of you. LaToya Thanks! Rochelle It only looks two months pregnant now. LaToya Are you kidding me Rochelle It came down a lot, man! Samia’s only, what, six months That’s a lot of. LaToya She’s five months. A lot of fat that I’ve lost. Rochelle It’s gone down a lot, eh.

LaToya Yes girl! I’m looking good. See the abs coming in And I was on vacation, so you know, I didn’t really eat too well. So kinda, you know Rochelle Yeah. If you hold it in, you could be like me one day. LaToya Get outta here, it’s not about you right now. it’s about me. Jordan Jordan Rochelle Look at her belly. LaToya Does Aunty have a big belly Rochelle There’s a baby in that belly. LaToya Is it big or small Rochelle Adam Junior is in there. LaToya Is it big or small Jordan.

Jordan Big. Bye bye. LaToya Bye! laughs LaToya Hi brotherinlaw, can I have a hug Brotherinlaw is so cute! Brother Thank you, thank you! LaToya I always talk about how cute he is. Brother Don’t expose me. LaToya Sorry Adam. Adam About what LaToya Your brother is cuter than you. LaToya and Rochelle Oh! Rochelle Hey, that’s what you said about Andrew’s brother. You always be liking the brothers. LaToya Yeah girl. I be loving the brothers. You know what I’m saying Brother Team Aquarius. LaToya Hey! Team Aquarius. Hey! So what have you been up to Where your girl at.

Brother Not with me. LaToya Oh you guys aren’t together anymore Y’all broke up Y’all broke up You broke up with her Brother No, we’re cool, we’re cool. LaToya Oh so, done now. So it’s done Adam I bet his girlfriend, she likes me better. LaToya and Rochelle Oh! Brother Y’all gonna stir it up already. LaToya How do you feel about that Because everybody in the comments talking about Adam was flirting with his girlfriend. Adam I don’t know what you’re talking about. LaToya Were they flirting Brother I don’t know. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Rochelle Adam, please. LaToya Anyways. Rochelle Ain’t nobody want you. Rochelle speaking in background. Indistinct. Brother You know I’m camera shy. Right LaToya Is this awkward I don’t give a damn. You can’t be camera shy in this house. Brother laughs Rochelle I know. LaToya OK, so we’re at Home Sense trying to shop for this girl. She wants every sale piece possible. Rochelle Every. LaToya Every red tag. Rochelle Every red tag. Where they at though LaToya I can’t shop with you. Rochelle You need to learn how to shop like this, OK.

LaToya I need to decorate my office. Rochelle Again LaToya Yes, again. I need a cute couch in there. I want to replace the mirror in there. Do you like this one Isn’t it cute. Hello Rochelle You don’t need it. LaToya I don’t need anything Rochelle Unless you’re donating. LaToya Are we window shopping right now Rochelle Well, you can’t just buy on the whim you know. You have to think about what you’re doing. LaToya I am thinking about.Can I have some fries Jordan Rochelle You’re not thinking. LaToya Jordan, do you like this mirror.

Rochelle I am thinking.Can I have some fries LaToya.Like this mirror Jordan Yeah. LaToya Is it nice for Aunty Toy’s office Jordan Yeah. Rochelle You’re listening to a baby LaToya All right, I think I’m gonna buy that couch over there. Rochelle What What do you want this for LaToya I think this could fit in my office. It would look nice. You like it Rochelle I like it. The price tag on the other hand. LaToya It’s gray. Rochelle $600 LaToya $600. singing Rochelle No, get the hell off this couch.

LaToya This is cute. Could this fit in your van Rochelle laughs LaToya No, seriously. Can it I’m getting it. Rochelle You can’t get it. You can’t get things that you just see. You have to think. Go home. Take a nap. Come back tomorrow. LaToya Can this fit in your van Rochelle Where are we gonna put Jordan laughs LaToya On the roof Rochelle laughs Anyways. Yeah, you do need to get your office done. It’s kinda like bungled up and has a whole bunch of stuff. LaToya Junk all over the place, two desks with a bunch of boxes. You said an accent rug, right.

Rochelle Yeah, but isn’t it kind of big No LaToya No, it’s perfect for my office. Rochelle Oh OK. It looks big up here, but yeah, I like it. LaToya Was $300, now it’s $199. Rochelle Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. LaToya OK girl. Rochelle Yeah. LaToya You like it though Rochelle Yeah, I love it. LaToya I have gray walls. Rochelle And teal. LaToya.and then my gray. LaToya For your living room 009′.594,11930247.295 Rochelle I’m going for teal too now. Rochelle Well, yeah. There’s teal stuff in here and it looks so nice.

LaToya All right, so are you gonna buy some stuff. Can you hold this camera properly Rochelle When you say buy.Jordan I found him. Damn this child. Man Is that him Rochelle Jordan! Yes that’s him, thank you. Jordan! Stop running away from Mommy. LaToya I’m getting my rug! My office rug. Thank you so much ma’am. You’re amazing. Rochelle This is a nice rug. LaToya Oh my gosh, it’s gonna fall. Rochelle Oh please. Only because it was on discount, I said yes. LaToya Thank you. Yes! My couch! You’re amazing.

Alex I’ll pick up from this, and you right from that, and we’ll just slide it right in. LaToya Am I gonna get muscles Promise me. Alex laughs LaToya Promise me. Alex Yeah, sure. Rochelle Do you have enough muscles to get this done LaToya OK, let’s go. Rochelle.Is the real question. LaToya All right, what’s your name Alex Alex. LaToya Alex! One, two, three, whoo! Alex Uh oh. LaToya That’s OK, we’ll drive it home with the trunk open. LaToya OK. I don’t know if this is illegal or not, but we’re driving with the trunk open.

Rochelle Oh my God! The trunk is open! LaToya The trunk is fully open. Rochelle Like all the way, all the way to the top. LaToya At least it’s a nice breeze. Hey! We’re in a convertible right now. You know what I’m saying. Drive the back roads for a little. Oh my gosh. Rochelle Should I speed What if it falls out LaToya Is this illegal Rochelle Oh my God! The thing is so open! Oh my God. laughs LaToya and Crystal singing LaToya OK, so my office is somewhat complete. I pushed my desk in this corner. Adam’s desk in that.

Corner. I bought my couch. My leather couch. Hey! I need a big dutty stinkin picture to go here, and to cover up that ghetto cord there. Hey Crystal! Your hair is did. Crystal Yes it is. laughs LaToyaYou look like a fish out of water. My desk. Adam’s garbage can. laughs God. This guy. Crystal Is this an Apple watch LaToyaWhat is that What Crystal Are you guys practicing bondage LaToya What is what What is what Crystal This. Are you guys practicing bondage Wait, don’t throw it out. What is it.

LaToya Shut up! I didn’t do it, swear! Girl Well, when I’m in a bad mood, like I’m sad or angry or something. When I watch your vlogs, you make me really happy. And I just love all your family and your friends, and how you guys just get together and make these tutorials for us. LaToya Uncle Rock in the building. Rock Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m here. LaToya Where have you been all my life Rock All your life I’ve been in your life, all your life. But just lately.

LaToya Lately. Where the hell have you been Rock I’ve been like a ghost in the shadows. Lurking amongst the streets, amongst the peoples. laughs LaToya laughs Rock No, I was out in London, man. LaToya How was London. Rock I was out in London. Out in Guelph, and it was nice, man. Adam You gotta let them know, London, Ontario. Rock Yeah, London, Ontario. I wasn’t in the British, innit. LaToya We’re going out there, yo. We might be out there this month. Rock Right What is that, you guys gonna go down there for a showcase or something.

LaToya We’re probably gonna do meet and greets. Rock Right LaToya Do a little tour. Rock That’s great. LaToya A UK tour. Rock.Need to go to Birmingham, blood. LaToya Yeah, hell yeah. That’s a spot we’re stopping at. Rock Lots of people down there that are fans. LaToya I’m exhausted, yo. Rock I know, you look kinda, well, you don’t look tired, you sound tired. LaToya Thank you. Correction. Rock laughs Right LaToya I’ve been changing this girl, like every second of the day. She keeps pooing up her back, it’s,.

You know, leaking out of her diaper on her legs. Adam She’s got the thunder. She’s got the thunder. Rock Ain’t nothing wrong.tell them you’re healthy LaToya.Holy man. Rock All that good food they’re feeding you. LaToya Right, she had some sweet potato and ting Rock baby talk Yeah man. So what’s going on Like, London, what else Adam London, Chicago. Rock Right LaToya Oh, we’re going to Tennessee next week. Adam Tennessee. Rock Oh boy! Going down to the deep deep South. LaToya The south, you know! Rock Right.

LaToya I’m gonna be out there in Tennessee. Rock I see a lot of the Huntys favorites are people from out there. Like Atlanta. LaToya Yeah. Rock Arizona. LaToya Yeah. Rock Georgia. Like other parts, I’ve seen lots of down south. It’s good that you guys are going down there. LaToya Hey! Repping the south. Rock Yeah, right! LaToya I don’t think we’re gonna have a meet and greet out there, we’re just doing a marathon. It’s called Color Me Rad and you do a whole bunch of obstacles and they throw colorful powder on you,.

And so they’re sending me out there. Rock Taking Trinidad down south. LaToya Oh yes right. shouting Rock Yeah boy. That’s big, yo. LaToya It’s gonna be fun. I’m so excited. Oh, Uncle Rock, do you want to do the honors of the featured Hunty and Huncle Rock Sure! I do. Today’s features Huntys and Huncles are. LaToya shouting Rock Bing! music LaToya Uncle Rock. Rock Yes ma’am. LaToya Were you at Trixx’s party Did you go Rock No. I didn’t man. Tell ya the truth, I didn’t go. LaToya Why.

Rock Because I heard Tricks was gonna get a kiss from NaeNae, and I didn’t want to see it. Adam What do you mean Rock I didn’t want to see it. LaToya What are you talking about Rock I’m just saying. I’m not hating on Trixx. Trixx is a great guy. But, I just didn’t want to see it. But apparently, I heard she was all over Stud anyway. Adam Whoop! LaToya But I just want to know why you didn’t want to see the kiss. You have a thing for NaeNae.

Rock No, I don’t have no feelings for Nee on, how could I have feelings for. LaToya No! Rock We don’t even talk. We don’t talk like that. I just thought she was pretty, and we had a conversation one time. You know And I never really encountered her after that. So. LaToyaAdam Rock.There’s nothing to talk about. But, yes, my Lawdness. It just happened and it passed by. LaToya My Lawdness. I heard that she was all up on Stud at the party. Rock That’s what I heard. LaToya That’s what Trixx said anyway.

Rock That’s what I heard Huntys. NaeNae What’s going on with you guys Adam What is going on Is there a triangle thing going on Triangle defense Rock I don’t know. LaToya I personally. Rock But Stud plays a lot of sports, you know. He’s a triangles guy. laughs Adam How’s that orange juice Rock Mmm. I’m drinking it. laughs I’m drinking it. LaToya it’s better. Rock Yeah it’s good. LaToya.In a cup. Rock Yeah it’s better in a cup. It can be used as we’ve been taught. Adam Do you agree it could be the new belt.

Rock I don’t have to agree. It is what it is. laughs It’s evolutionized. I’m sorry. LaToya laughs Rock This saved assault charges ladies and gentlemen. laughs LaToya laughs Rock Put down the belt. Pick up the juice. Adam laughs Rock It makes sense. But they’ve been doing it for years, think about it. Women be throwing coffee, throwing juice, buckets, pots of hot water. LaToya Psychotic. Adam Lawdness. Rock Cheers, man. There’s nothing wrong with it. Camera holder thing Tripod LaToya It’s what the Asians use, man. Adam Got the Bluetooth shutter.

Rock A Bluetooth What is that Adam Let’s show him how we use that. Rock Use.What is it LaToya You put your camera on it, and then. Rock You put your camera LaToya We have this that are in our online store, it’s the Bluetooth shutter. And basically it takes the pictures for you. Rock The Bluetooth shutter. LaToya It works with the iPhones and Androids. Rock So what does it do exactly, Bluetooth shutter. LaToya It snaps the pictures for you. Rock Oh! LaToya So someone could be holding that and they can just snap the pictures.

Rock So. LaToya Sick, watch. Adam See I’m pressing it from there Rock That’s crazy! So you just do it from right there I wanna do one. LaToya Jaw north. Rock Hold it. Ugly face. camera shutter LaToya So how was daycare today, Bug Did you have fun Samia These babies, they sleep too much. Supernatural donkeys, all of them. LaToya And you read books Bug, did you read books OK, she has this thing where she eats her feet. Jillian That’s the best thing ever, you know because you can’t do that as an adult and look cute.

LaToya Yes you can! Jillian If I seen you doing that I would say You’re a damn fool! LaToya I can’t do it! Jillian Exactly. LaToya Oh my gosh I’m so out of shape. Jillian Did you eat your toes LaToya Mommy! Hi Mommy! Momma! Hi Mom. Mommy. indistinct baby talk crying Oh my God! crying Mommy! Jillian You know what You don’t even have to kick up your legs to do that. You could just do that without kicking up your legs everyday. LaToya laughing Adam OK, so I got my homie Elhae up in the building. What’s goodie.

Elhae What’s up bro How you doing Adam Great, man. I see you killing the internet now. Elhae laughs Nah, it ain’t nothing like that. We’re just working bro, it’s all we can do. Adam Exactly, man. But yo, I’m sick and tired of these Huntys and Huncles just killing my mailbox. Elhae Yours Oh my God! Adam I’ve heard it now, so give me permission. Elhae Yeah. Adam Can I drop it Elhae I’m happy to say the record is out, and we’re here right now. Take care. Adam Take care. All right.

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