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Wrist Pain Bending

Hi welcome to StressedOutStressFree. This tutorial is for another question for wrist pain from my Facebook friend. Now how do you get wrist pain Probably typing too much on the computer, texting, playing with Wii, game box and if you play any musical instruments, You play with drums, guitar, piano and also. basically repetitive use of the wrist, that’s how you get pain Right! Ok Let me show you 3 simple steps you can do. First is like the Karate Kid stretch out your hand this way. wax on wax off wax on wax off wax on wax off. That help to release.

The area here. Next turn side ways you have to curl your hand this way. First curl, second curl on the first bend and second bend. This way one, two and push it towards yourself, bend it and push it towards yourself. Fold your hand fingers this way and this way like a fist bend it and pull it towards you. You’ll feel the stretch here. And the next stretch is put your hand this way find a wall, this way and pull your thumb. You can feel the stretch here. Like this pull your thumb and feel the stretch here.

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