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Wrist Pain Cleans

Hi, I’m Leanna with EX9 Tape and ExoTrinity Sports. I’m going to be demonstrating how to apply EX9 tape for general wrist pain including repetitive strain injuries, Carpal tunnel syndrome and Tendinitis There’s various reasons you might get wrist pain, but in this day and age, often it can be related to long term overuse of a mouse or keyboard. This technique will help provide stability and relax the muscles. Flex the wrist slightly. Take two small strips, making sure to have rounded the edges. Now making sure your skin is clean and dry and free from creams and lotions.

Now apply the first piece to the base of the thumb being careful not to touch the sticky side of the tape with your fingers. With 25 stretch place the tape up the wrist onto the arm anchoring with zero stretch. Rub to activate the adhesive. Now, take the other strip and wrap around the wrist at full stretch over the point of pain and then anchor with zero stretch. Optionally for extra support you can place an extra piece to wrap around the whole wrist. For more information visit our website EX9tape.

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