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Wrist Pain Golf

(playing on guitar) Oh man, my elbow hurts.Hey everybody, it’s Jo! And today we are going to talk about elbow injuries. So I’mgoing to go through some stretches to show you how to get that elbow feeling better.You might have heard of tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow. So we’ll go through a set of those,and hopefully get you feeling better soon. What I’m going to show you now, is some stretchesfor medial or lateral epicondylitis. Say what?! Most of you have been diagnosed as probablytennis elbow or golfer’s elbow. And basically what that is, is a tennis elbow is when youhave pain on the outside of your elbow. These muscles coming through here. Those are yourextensor muscles, and then your golfer’s elbow

is going to be on medial side, and that’sthe inside. Those are your flexor muscles, then ones that pull it in. So what I’m goingto have you do is you’re just going to start off with your arm out. You want to go gentlyfirst, so to stretch out your outer muscles, those wrist extensors, you’re going to pullyour arm down. Now this is a stretch so you’re going to hold it for 30 seconds, do it 3 timeseach. Now you can alternate if they are both kind of hurting a little bit. You can go backup this way. Now that’s going to stretch out those underneath muscles, those flexor muscles.So same thing, 3 times for 30 seconds. Now if that feels pretty good, and that’s notgetting quite the stretch you want, then you

can use your other hand for some overpressure.So what you’re gonna do is bring your other hand across, go down, stretch out those extensormuscles. Pull that hand all the way down, you can see how far down that goes. Now ifit’s hurting, you’re probably not going to be able to go that far right away. You’restill going to hold it for 30 seconds, do it 3 times, and for those inner flexor muscles,you’re going to go out. You’re going to hold that there for 30 seconds. Now you can alsodo this against a wall if you want to. If that’s a little hard for you to pull, youcan put your hands up against a wall and put some pressure on it. And there you go. Yougot those stretches for your wrist extensors

and your wrist flexors. Alright so there youhave it, those some stretches for your elbow. If you like the jammin’, please click thelike button, and leave us a comment, and if you would like to see some more exercisesor some educational tutorials, go to askjo And remember, be safe, have fun, and I hopeyou feel better soon!.

KT Tape Wrist

我是Chris Harper 这�是Makayla, 我们�演示手腕痛贴布的应用,就是当你手腕��或 手腕上一般存在的疼痛,一些原因包括 在电脑上工作的时间太久 �动中过度使用,伸出的手�地,或手负�过大 KT贴布通过�少压力��轻疼痛 放�相关肌肉,增快循环�改善状况

对这个应用,我们时时�下 自然的 或轻微的弯曲姿势 第一片,我�一整� 对折

并在折�处剪圆角 圆角有效预防贴布粘到衣� �第一片,从中间弯曲撕开背纸, 剥离背纸,�很�心��碰到胶� 这回影�到其粘性 我们将其贴在手腕背�,作80%拉伸,

如果这是100%我�需�退回一点, 贴下 �完全环绕手腕 轻按摩使其粘好 我准备零伸展贴下贴布末端 往下贴,剥离背纸,确�贴� 零伸展剥离这片纸

我剪好的剩下的一片 �样方�撕开 弯曲撕开背纸,剥离背纸 用拇指施加�匀的张力,��使用拇指在贴布中间拉伸 �这样 80%拉伸,贴布,这是100%,退回一些就是 直接贴在手腕上,

压实末端,我这样�的原因是我�想绕�手腕��一�止血带 �就是为什么我�用一整�贴布 我们使其上用���� 就�第一�,零伸展贴下贴布末端, 剥离背纸 完全�拉伸贴下贴布末端

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