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Wrist Pain Playing Tennis

What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Today we’re going to talk all about TennisElbow, and really, what the hell’s causing it in the first place because a lot of youout there who deal with this common, very common orthopedic issue, aren’t playingany tennis at all, but you’ve been really having a hard time getting rid of it. Well we have to, as we always say here, startlooking somewhere other than where it hurts. If you really want to get to the root causeof what’s going on with whatever orthopedic issue you’re dealing with,

whatever issue is preventing you from gettingyour best workouts in, or competing, you have to start looking at the place that’s not hurting. At least start looking above and below whereit’s hurting. So let me explain a little bit. When we’re talking about Tennis Elbow, weknow that it’s this spot right here on the outside of the forearm that’s killing us. But, does it mean that that’s the cause? No,we know, already we know that 99 percent of the time, when something’s hurting, it’s a breakdown of one of the supportingareas or joints that’s causing this one to

start bearing all the brunt . And especially when the joint in questionhere is one of those more stable and immobile joints, and that’s exactly what you’re dealingwith here in the elbow. All it likes to do here is hinge up and down.That should remind you of something else. The knee. The knee, we’ve talked about before in othertutorials, how the knee deals with all of the inabilities of the hip and the ankle to dotheir own job. When the ankle breaks down, or the mobilityof the ankle is either too much or too little,

it sends stress up through the knee. When the hip is either too tight or too weak,it sends stress down towards the knee. The same thing happens here in the elbow. So before you start thinking, ‘Oh I’ve gotto sit here and rub the outside of my elbow because my therapist told me to do that,’or ‘I’ve got to really strengthen the outsideof my forearms by doing a lot of wrist extensions, right, you know, wrist extensions with dumbbells,because I have weak forearm extensors.’ That’s probably going to cause you to haveeven more pain. And I can tell you this, it’s

not going to fix your problem. So, we’ve got to start thinking a little bitdifferently. If you look at your forearm, a lot of times guys the weakness is not onthis side of the forearm that everyone tells you it is. It’s actually a weakness on this side of theforearm, completely counter to what you’ve been told. So, here’s how that all that out. If yourforearm flexors are weak, and let’s go back to tennis because it’s going to be an easyway for us to describe its function,

if you’re playing tennis and you have to serve,right, you know that a lot of wrist flexion, powerful wrist flexion will come in as theracket comes down to execute that serve. Guess what happens if you don’t have enoughpower to execute that flexion? You have to, you have to create it. And you create that by preloading the wristflexors, by putting them on stretch very much the same way that if we want to jump high,we don’t start from here. We have to preload the quads and glutes byleaning, you know, by squatting down to jump. Well, the same thing will happen here, but

KT Tape Wrist

我是Chris Harper 这�是Makayla, 我们�演示手腕痛贴布的应用,就是当你手腕��或 手腕上一般存在的疼痛,一些原因包括 在电脑上工作的时间太久 �动中过度使用,伸出的手�地,或手负�过大 KT贴布通过�少压力��轻疼痛 放�相关肌肉,增快循环�改善状况

对这个应用,我们时时�下 自然的 或轻微的弯曲姿势 第一片,我�一整� 对折

并在折�处剪圆角 圆角有效预防贴布粘到衣� �第一片,从中间弯曲撕开背纸, 剥离背纸,�很�心��碰到胶� 这回影�到其粘性 我们将其贴在手腕背�,作80%拉伸,

如果这是100%我�需�退回一点, 贴下 �完全环绕手腕 轻按摩使其粘好 我准备零伸展贴下贴布末端 往下贴,剥离背纸,确�贴� 零伸展剥离这片纸

我剪好的剩下的一片 �样方�撕开 弯曲撕开背纸,剥离背纸 用拇指施加�匀的张力,��使用拇指在贴布中间拉伸 �这样 80%拉伸,贴布,这是100%,退回一些就是 直接贴在手腕上,

压实末端,我这样�的原因是我�想绕�手腕��一�止血带 �就是为什么我�用一整�贴布 我们使其上用���� 就�第一�,零伸展贴下贴布末端, 剥离背纸 完全�拉伸贴下贴布末端

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