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Wrist Pain Swelling

You know at one point in time most of us are going to incur some type of sprain or strain. Hi I’m Captain Joe Bruni and what I’m going to talk about is how to properly treat a sprained wrist. A sprained wrist can be a pretty painful experience but with proper intervention and first aid pain and swelling can be reduced. First and foremost raise the sprained wrist above the patient’s heart to help reduce blood flow to the region. The application of some type of cold pack or ice will be in order to help reduce pain and swelling as ice will.

Constrict blood vessels. you do not want to place the ice or the cold pack directly on the skin as this may cause a cold injury or burn injury from the ice. Place a cloth between the skin and the ice to insulate it. Apply ice for ten to fifteen minute intervals to reduce pain and swelling. Remove the ice and the cold pack after ten to fifteen minutes so an injury does not occur from that and then wrap the area with some type of pressure or elastic bandage to help support that sprain. After wrapping with some type of pressure.

Bandage or elastic bandage making sure not to wrap too tight to reduce circulation, ice or a cold compress can once again be applied to the region for ten to fifteen minute intervals and this way relief will be sought, pain will be reduced along with swelling and the steps to healing can begin as soon as possible. Sprains are never a fun experience, however, usually not a serious injury, first aid and proper treatment in the beginning stages can make a big difference when it comes to relief of pain and swelling. I’m Captain Joe Bruni,.

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