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Wrist Splint Makes Pain Worse

What’s up, guys? jeff cavaliere, athleanx . Do you get wrist pain when you do Barbell Curls? Not necessarily dumbbells, but wrist pain when you do Barbell Curls? If you do, I think I can help you especially if you’re getting pain on the inside near the pinkie right here at the base of the wrist when you’re curling. See we have to look at what’s going on to understand why that might be happening, and.

Then i’m going to show you something you might be able to do to help alleviate that. When we curl, the problem is, we’re basically curling with a fixed bar, obviously, if we’re using a straight bar. And this fixed bar forces our hands into a degree of supination that we may not be either able to achieve or comfortable with because in order to get to a straight bar, we have to really get our supination all the way up.

Until it’s flat enough to be able to support a bar. When we use dumbbells, we can kind of cheat that a little bit and have our hands even just a little bit more pronated, k, this direction, so that when we curl, we don’t have to feel that extreme range of motion. Well, what happens there is, if you take a closer look, the extensor carpi ulnaris is a muscle that runs on the backside of our forearm.

And runs through the wrist and attaches to our fifth metacarpal, or our little pinkie bone here. When we pronate our forearm here, it has a nice straight path from here straight through. It gets to run with little tension and torque straight up to its destination right up here, again, on the base of that metacarpal. If we supinate the wrist, though, as we would with a Barbell Curl, now all of a sudden,.

And i have to actually turn because i can’t get there comfortably, and you can see the difference how difficult it is to get a lot of supination there, we now have changed the path of that tendon. You can see that now it doesn’t go straight. Now it kind of angles off at a 30 degree angle. What’s happening there is, now we’re creating torque, and once we have a torqued tendon,.

You’re going to go add tension to it with the bar, and over time if you start curling like that and you don’t have adequate flexibility and mobility in that tendon, you’re going to have problems. So, what can we do about it? You can try to increase your own supination mobility at your wrist. And what you do is, you want to start by putting your elbow in at 90 degrees, and I’ll tell you why in one second, and you grab the area, the meaty area of your wrist.

Below your hand. you don’t want to grab your hand because it’s possible to torque and twist your hand without ever really influencing the true supination at the forearm. So, you grab the meaty area of the wrist here when you’re in this 90 degree position, and you’re just turning and you try to stretch it for about 20 to 30 seconds. You let it go, grab for a little bit more range if you have it, and you turn again. 20 or 30 seconds.

Let it rest, and then do it again if you can grab a little bit more available range. you could even do a little bit of contract/relax where once you’re in this end position, you try to pull your hand back against the resistance for about 5 seconds, and then let it go. And you might find that you can get even a little bit more motion. The next thing you want to do is make sure that you’re not also exacerbating this problem by consciously trying to involve your forearms in your curl. We’ve talked about that before.


It hurts i just thought of a tree it hurts really bad hopefully it’s not broken but we don’t think it is we are on our way to the and were to get an xray all right so Jesse Tara and the kids are coming over and were to have some hot dogs and French fries and it is the girls and boys night before the last day of school we are gonna do some KoolAid on the kids hair tonight what color do you want I’m going to do half of my hair purple and that’s it yes which half like no like this way okay just the tips basically.

Yes my ends because tomorrow i’m going to have a side pony and then i’m gonna have big curls I want to look like a unicorn a little bit and I’m playing this game I hear so that’s why keep looking away so are you going to get your hair colored yep cool I have red instead of doing a here can I just do the top part read and this blue no we are just gonna do some of the tips but I don’t have blue I have purple and I have read and I have orange purple purple that’s what I was thinking what color are you gonna dye your hair I have.

To dye my hair to do we have anything kind of like a turquoise magenta type of cross mix I don’t think he has enough hair to dye it yet so we’re just gonna make this a little endoftheyear school party for the kids and it should be fun we got Tara and Jesse Jayla and Aydah we got Tyler and where is good old Rory Rory hi Rory watch me okay I want you while look at you you have so much energy 1230 by the way guys I think it was a comment on one of our YouTube tutorials you guys recognized Kayla we get a lot of comments.

Were you guys were saying i know kayla from we are the davises so that’s awesome that was cool awesome yes see you’re going to end up seeing some of us in there than some of theirs in us so it’s all good later that not a single French fried burned all right how do you like me now that’s two out of three baby hold on let me check guys it was hidden underneath that was just well done at that is called perfect right there I like it like that let’s see that Emoji hey hello Jayla keeps cracking up at that every time he bends.

Down it’s that emoji it gets her every time all the hot dogs look at these hot dogs these are so goodlooking are these all be Frank’s there Angus beef they are the best only for you baby if you’re gonna buy hotdogs is the only way to go they are so good Tyler are you okay he was hanging from a tree in many bellyflop on the ground are you all right you want me to hold it it hurts I just fell out of a tree it hurts really bad hopefully it’s not broken but we don’t think it is we’re on our way to the and were going.

To get an xray were going to see what’s wrong if i have if it’s sprained or if it’s twisted or is it bruised I don’t know were just going to see what’s happening you can do a Ty let’s see if we can take a look at it so here’s his hand we get some ice on it and it looks all right but he is resting it so underneath it looks like it might be turning a little purple so were to keep some ice on of a right now he has been really good about it and I am proud of him he is taking it well the little tree fall just scared him a little but I think.

Is gonna be all right so wish us luck here we are on our way to the right now yet Ty you can to give my fist bump a pound they are gonna check your wrist right now baby okay they ordered you and xrays of the gonna come in here and take a picture of it to see if it’s broken or not okay thank you and the only other thing that we need to do is get when your fingers to check your heart rate and then I’m just gonna scan your four head for your temperature does that hurt no doesn’t hurt right there it’s in the middle.

Over and under right here and you can me touching it right there yes does i feel normal to you does it feel like it’s a sleep I don’t know what that feels like doesn’t feel like it does over here and feels exactly the same okay that’s good that’s what we like to hear can you make a fist doesn’t his or her real bad in your rest okay you can stop can you touch your thumb to each finger you don’t have to do it if it hurts real bad and you reach the pinky okay don’t try to force it okay can you turn your hand over for me that.

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