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aPallo Wrist Brace DayNight System Review Ask Jo

Hey everybody, it’s jo.Today i’m gonna talk about the apallo wrist brace.It’s great for things like carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tendonitis in the wrist, any kind of injury, it’s gonna help stabilize the wrist to help the healing process.This one’s nice because it gives you a day and a night splint.Right out of the box, it’s got some pretty cool stuff.It has a little sleeve that you can put on once you get it on to protect it, and then you can clean this later so you don’t have to clean the whole brace if it gets dirty.

It also come with a little coolie pack which is nice to give you some relief from then pain for icing it.And then you have both braces.You can also buy them individually if you want to.This is the day brace, and this is the night brace.It’s got some instructions to go with it on the side.And also on the inside.So let’s start with the day brace.To put on the day brace, you’re gonna open everything up.This piece right here actually goes on the opposite side.You put your thumb in the hole, and put this hard piece on top.

Of your hand.Then you’re first gonna take the open piece here, and come around and strap it to the other side.I usually don’t do it very tight until i get everything in place and then i’ll tighten it up afterwards.Then this top piece comes around.And then you have this little piece on top where you can bring it around and put it in the loop to tighten it up.So again, everything’s nice and lose.Once i get it in place, i’m gonna tighten it up just a little bit more to make it more stable.And then this piece can kind.

Of come down to keep that part from coming off as well.I like the brace because it makes sure you don’t bend you wrist, so if you’ve got that carpal tunnel syndrome, getting that pressure right there is what’s gonna increase that tingling and numbness in your hand.So it keeps it in a neutral position while you’re doing things, so it doesn’t put that pressure right there.So it’s nice, but you can still use your fingers and your hands to grab things if you need to.And then to take it off, you just go in reverse.And there you have the.

Day brace.So for the night brace.It’s kind of different, it’s pretty neat because it has a piece that keeps your middle fingers straight out so when you’re sleeping you don’t curl them up and end up putting it under your chin like that.A lot of times, people do that, and then they get the numbness and tingling in their hands cause they’re putting all that pressure on those nerves there.Your thumb goes in the hole, and then you put the finger piece on first, and it’s the middle fingers there.And again if you don’t want to do it.

Super tight until you get everything on, you can do that.And then you wrap this piece around.So the finger piece goes on the back of the fingers.And then if you want to tighten everything up once it’s on, to get it nice and stable, you can.And see how now i can’t bend those fingers, so i can’t bend my wrist either.So if you’re sleeping, if keeps it in that nice neutral position, even if you want to bring it up this way, you’re not gonna curl that wrist over, and it takes that pressure off of that carpal tunnel while you’re sleeping.

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