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Wrist Tendonitis Or Scaphoid Fracture

Hi my name is Meg Amendt. I’m an occupational therapist at Michigan State University. Today, I’m going to be showing you some strengthening exercises for the wrist and forearm. These exercises can be used for conditions such as tendonitis or carpal tunnel. The first one is for wrist extension and you want to take a weight between 13 pounds to start. You’ll rest your arm on a table with your wrist hanging over the side. And just bring the weight up, through your full range of motion. You want to take about 3 seconds to.

Get the weight to the top of the range and then lower it back down, controlling the weight in both directions. Do about 10 reps of that, and then you’ll turn your hand over to work on wrist flection. Rest the wrist over the table, and pull the wrist up through the full range of motion. The next one you can do is radial deviation. To do that you’ll rest your hand so that your thumb is resting up and just bring your wrist and the weight up. The next one is for forearm pronation and supination. You can use a hammer, if you don’t have weights.

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